Meeting in Heraklion, Crete in the context of the EUR-HUMAN project

A one day workshop will take place in Heraklion, Crete on December 7th 2016 with academician and experts from Greece and many European countries. In the upcoming meeting will join also EU officers, representatives of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Migration as well as members of local authorities (Mytilene and Crete). However, experts from public health and health policy sector who are involved in managing the refugee crisis will also take place.


The current meeting is holding in the context of the EUR-HUMAN project «EUR-HUMAN – EUropean Refugees – Human Movement and Advisory Network» (website:, and is coordinated by the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Crete.


The project is reaching in the end (12 months duration), and its aim is to reinforce and develop skills and abilities, and to expand knowledge and ex­perience in the EU member-states receiving refugees and im­migrants, ultimately aiming to successfully address the vari­ous health needs of these vulnerable groups in an effective manner, as well as to ensure all population groups in these European countries are well-protected, safeguarding them from specific risk factors and at the same time minimizing cross-border health risks.


The meeting takes place in a very crucial moment as there is going to carry out the assessment of the results, and will identify propositions to be tabled in both the European Commission and in the host countries who accept and accommodate migrants / refugees. The training material developed in the context of the project for primary health care personnel, the tools developed as well as the pilot implementation that took place in the island of Mytilene (Kara Tepe hosting centre) will guide us in the recommendations that will be submitted both to European Commission and hosting countries.


On behalf of the Scientific Coordinator,
Christos Lionis,

Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care,
School of Medicine, University of Crete