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Arq Psychotrauma Expert Group consists of partner organizations that are specialized in the aftermath and consequences of traumatic events. Together the partners in Arq join forces in specific areas such as specialized trauma treatment and diagnostics, prevention and support and scientific research and education. All for the benefit of individuals, other organizations and society. In the EUR HUMAN project three Arq-partners will participate: Impact, Centrum’45 and Wartrauma Foundation.

Impact, the Dutch Knowledge and Advice Centre for Psychosocial Care Concerning Critical Incidents, is a centre of expertise, offering advice and support to authorities creating policy which affects the psychosocial well-being of the general public, and of specific target groups in the face of crisis, disaster or trauma. Impact has developed several guidelines, handbooks and provides services for specific audiences e.g. national and local governments, uniformed services organisations and mental health care providers.

Centrum ’45 is a mental health clinic which combines high quality treatment to individuals who experienced traumatic events with state of the art scientific research to treatment and prevention. It is track record includes a focus on resilience and empowerment and it has successfully implemented a multy family approach (MFA) for treatment of families and children in the Netherlands and in conflict areas such as the Palestinian territories. Responding to the recent influx of refugees in the Netherlands, Arq opened a national Psychosocial advice and support point Refugee crisis (PASR) for government bodies, reception centers, schools etcetera for information and advice regarding psychotrauma related health issues of refugees

War Trauma Foundation (WTF) is dedicated to strengthening mental health and psychosocial support in low resource communities affected by humanitarian crises. WTF mplements programmes in partnership with national and international non-governmental organizations, academic institutions and local community groups. War Trauma Foundation uses the following approaches:


  1. Capacity building and skills development through technical training and supervision
  2. Development and promotion of local and regional networks
  3. Documentation and exchange of knowledge, experience and good practice

War Trauma Foundation co-chairs (together with UNICEF) the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (IASC) Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) and promote’s the IASC MHPSS guidelines in all of their programmes.


Work Package Participating in:  WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5, WP6 and WP7






Annelieke Drogendijk, PHD

Director of Impact, clinical psycologist and supervisor for Arq Foundation in EUR-HUMAN




Corné Versluis

Corné Versluis, MA, MPIM

Online psychosocial support & care consultant at Arq Foundation, programme manager for Arq Foundation in EUR-HUMAN



Rolf Kleber



Prof. Rolf Kleber, PhD

Em. professor ofPsychotraumatology at Utrecht University, external scientific advisor for Arq in EUR-HUMAN



Juul Gouweloos



Juul Gouweloos, MSc,

Clinical psychologist and PhD-candidate, policy advisor and researcher at Impact, researcher for Arq in EUR-HUMAN




Barbara de Groot

Barbara de Groot

Office manager at Impact





Jurriaan Jacobs

Jurriaan Jacobs, MSc,

Researcher at Impact and PhD-candidate, researcher for Arq in EUR-HUMAN






Trudy Mooren

Trudy Mooren, PhD

Clinical psychologist at Centrum’45, senior researcher for Arq in EUR-HUMAN






Leontien Ruttenberg

Leontien Ruttenberg, MD

Director of War Trauma Foundaton, senior advisor for Arq in EUR-HUMAN






Relinde Reiffers

Relinde Reiffers, MA

Project coordinator at War Trauma Foundation, advisor for Arq in EUR-HUMAN







Petra Pannekoek, MA

Project coordinator at Arq Foundation, advisor for Arq in EUR-HUMAN