Module 2

Monitoring of health status and initial health assessment, flight-specific health needs & red flags, infectious diseases, and vaccination


Content overview:

  1. Introduction
  2. Monitoring of the health status and initial health assessment
    1. General information about monitoring of the health status
    2. The initial health assessment in Austria
  3. Red Flags and flight-specific health needs
  4. Infectious diseases
    1. Specific infectious diseases
    2. Possible uncommon infectious diseases in refugees and other newly arrived migrants in Austria
  5. Vaccination
    1. Helpful general information
    2.  Vaccine storage and handling
    3. Documentation of vaccination
    4. Injection technique
    5. (Paediatric) pain reduction
  6. References



Kathryn Hoffmann (1, 2.1, 3, 4.1, 5.1), General Practitioner and Public Health Expert, Medical University of Vienna, Centre for Public Health, Department of General Practice and Family Medicine

  • Flora Haderer, Austrian Red Cross (2.2, 4.2, 7)
  • Wolfgang Maurer (5.2-5.5), Vaccination expert


Some sub-chapters are taken from the deliverable 4.2 of the project EUR-HUMAN: Set of guidelines, guidance, training and health promotion materials for optimal primary care for newly arrived migrants including refugees, developed under the lead of Maria van den Muijsenbergh (RUMC) and Tessa van Loenen (RUMC).

Some sub-chapters are taken from the MEM-PT: Training packages for health professionals to improve access and quality of health services for migrants and ethnic minorities, including the Roma (2016) funded from the European Union, framework of the Health Programme (2008-2013).

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