University of Debrecen


University of Debrecen (Faculty of Public Health, Department of Family and Occupational Medicine) is the only among Hungarian Medical Schools, where Faculty of Public Health has been established. Since then, it became a unique, internationally recognized competitive training centre, with doctoral (PhD) programme in all fields of public health, including primary care and occupational medicine. All departments of the Faculty were involved in international collaborations and in EU-FP7 founded projects and most recently in Horizon2020 project.


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Professor Imre Rurik, MD, PhD, DSc and MSc in health services management

Professor Imre Rurik, MD, PhD, DSc and MSc in health services management, is a chairperson of Department of Family and Occupational Medicine, since 2008, and is an active family physician as well. His main research targets are nutrition and related diseases; obesity, diabetes, participated in many EU-FP7 founded projects (APRES, SWEET) in these fields. He participated also in other international projects related to health services management (PHAMEU, QUALICOPC). He is an advisor for European General Practice Research Network and for European Forum for Primary Care, and has been an executive committee member of Primary Care Diabetes Europe, since 2003. He plays a leading role in many Hungarian Scientific societies as well. He is a President of the Hungarian Society of Nutrition (since 2015) and the Hungarian Research Association of Family Physicians (since 2014), and is a Vice-President of the Hungarian Society for the Study of Obesity (since 2012). He is an author of more than 180 publications and book-chapters and one monograph on men’s health. Many of the English language papers are seen at PubMed.