Work package 1

Work package 1

Coordination, Dissemination and Management of Project’s Execution

LEADS: University of Crete

This WP has two main objectives:

To supervise, manage and coordinate the EUR-HUMAN project in order to assure that the EUR-HUMAN project is implemented according to plan.

To disseminate the results, conclusions, guidelines and recommendations to the stakeholders, national and international authorities, health policy makers, refugees, migrants and to the public, through professional networks, meetings and conferences, website and printed material in various languages.

More specifically the description of work of this WP is:

The coordinator will be responsible for organizing the meetings of the steering committee, the kick-off meeting (to be held in Crete, Greece) and an interim meeting in month 6 and the final meeting with representatives of all EUR-HUMAN project participants. All beneficiaries will be involved in all tasks, of WP1 that will be coordinated by Prof. Christos Lionis. During the kick-off meeting the aims and outline of the project will be discussed with attention for the planned roles and activities of all partners. All participants will reach to an agreement regarding the limitations of the project, internal reports, and evaluation plan of the project, means of communication, dissemination strategies, publications rights, financial matters and administrative tasks.


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