European meeting held in Crete under the EUR-HUMAN project

A one day workshop took place in Heraklion, Crete on December 7th with thirty-three (33) participants including academicians, experts, and officers from Greece and many European countries. Additionally, four (4) academicians and experts participated via the electronic platform GoToMeeting.


The current meeting was held in the context of the EUR-HUMAN project «EUR-HUMAN – EUropean Refugees – Human Movement and Advisory Network» (website:, and is coordinated by the Clinic of Social and Family Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Crete.


The aim of the meeting was to evaluate the whole project and to propose a roadmap to European countries that receive refugees and other migrants. The meeting addresses the Rector of the University of Crete Prof. Odysseas Zoras, the Deputy Governor of 7th Health Region Dr. Stelios Dimitrakopoulos, Prof. of School of Medicine Christos Lionis (who is also the coordinator of the project) as well as Dr. Pim de Graaf from European Forum of Primary Health Care responsible also for the current Work Package (WP7).


The six intervention countries (Greece, Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Slovenia) presented the training material developed (by MUW team), translated and adapted by all the other countries. The training material was developed for Primary Health Care (PHC) personnel who provide services to refugees and migrants. However, Greece presented the pilot implementation at Kara Tepe hosting centre in the island of Mytilene. During the three days pilot implementation were tested the tools, the questionnaires and the procedures developed by the EUR-HUMAN consortium.


Subsequently, an extensive, fruitful and constructive discussion on the initial results of the evaluation of educational material by trained PHC personnel took place. In addition, were also discussed the final proposals and recommendations, some key issues and the next steps of the project.


The next period, the School of Medicine of University of Crete in collaboration with all partners of the consortium will submit the final recommendations both to European Commission and hosting countries (Ministries responsible for managing the current refugee crisis).


On behalf of the Scientific Coordinator,
Christos Lionis,

Professor of General Practice and Primary Health Care,
School of Medicine, University of Crete