Work package 2

Work package 2

Communicating and liaison with stakeholders and refugees


This WP has two main objectives:

To facilitate the sense of coherence and community engagement and to assess with a democratic dialogue the views, wishes, beliefs and attitudes of refugees and migrants.

To gain insight in the health needs and social problems, experiences and expectations of newly arrived migrants; in the experiences, expectations and barriers regarding accessing primary health care and social services in the guest country.

More specifically the description of work of this WP is:

PLA is a research methodology which uses specific techniques that enable all people to be meaningful engaged, despite language or educational differences. Local researchers from all intervention sites will be trained in the application and ground rules of PLA methods (O’Reilly-de  Brun 2010). PLA moderated sessions will take place to generate data on views, experiences and expectations of the refugees regarding their health and social needs, access and use of healthcare and social services. Based on the local reports, the WP leader will write a comprehensive report on the views, experiences and expectations of the refugees. On top of this, according to the moral duty when studying vulnerable populations, the results will be made public and accessible for refugees, migrant communities and NGOs supporting refugees.

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