Module 5

Part 1

Mental health and psychological support

  1. Welcome
  2. Mental health issues of refugees
    1. Origin and associated risk factors of refugees’ mental health problems
    2. Psychosocial support
    3. Triage
    4. Specific mental health problems
    5. Screening, treatments and tools
  3. Promoting recovery
    1. How to address refugees
    2. Promoting self-reliance
    3. Offer information
    4. Children and adolescents
  4. Mental distress in professionals
  5. Multiple-Choice Questions
  6. References

Part 2

Recognizing traumatisation and administering first aid for stress reduction in people with primary and secondary traumatisation (refugees, volunteers, health workers)

  1. Introduction
  2. Trauma and stress reactions
    1. Acute stress reaction F 43.0
    2. Post-traumatic stress disorders F 43.1
    3. Personality change due to extreme stress F 62.0
    4. How to deal with reactions on particular incidences
  3. Phases of migration
  4. Recommended behavioural advice in dealing with reactions to traumatic experiences
  5. Emergency psychological measures
    1. Verbal approach: “CISM critical incident stress management”
    2. Physical approach: nonverbal initial intervention, which can be applied especially when there are language barriers
    3. Treatment sequence NAEM for stress release
    4. Trauma Tapping Technique TTT
  6. References


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