Module 2 – 1 Introduction

1 Introduction

Welcome to module 2 of the online-course for family physicians, GP’s, family practice nurses, X who are involved in primary health care for refugees/asylum seekers and other newly arrived immigrants. This module deals with different aspects of newly arrived refugees and other migrants.

  • First, the aspect of continuity of care is highlighted. Continuity of care is a core principle when trying to establish cross-border healthcare between countries of origin, transit and destination. By now different approaches are on the way of developing to harmonize the monitoring of the health status of refugees across the countries. These approaches will be described with special focus on the national health assessment procedure.
  • Secondly, aspects regarding flight-specific health needs & red flags in a short term setting as well as infectious diseases and vaccination coverage are discussed.

This module is relevant particularly for the first and second domains of contact of refugees with the primary health care system of a related country (see table 1): meeting the refugees and other migrants after registration, as well as first contact with the primary health care team at the health care unit. The module shall help the multidisciplinary team working in the respective settings or an individual physician/X in his/her practice. The module aims at…

  • …giving an insight into the healthcare processes at the arrival of the refugees and other migrants in Austria/during the flight/registration procedure/X, before they enter in the regular health care system.
  • …highlighting general and destination country-specific health concerns in order to guarantee an informed treatment process.