Module 8 – 6 Women’s health

6 Women’s health

6.1 Menstruation

Many feminine hygiene products, and especially sanitary napkins are available around the world. However, it can be the case that a woman or a young girl does not know about the products available here. For preventive reasons it is recommended to probe if they know about how to use tampons and that they have to change them at least every 8 hours.

Refugee women, who still live in a camp, often do not have enough money to buy feminine hygiene products for themselves. Depending on the camp, they might only receive a counted number of sanitary napkins. However, for instance, due to stress the women might menstruate more often than the camp administration expects and they would need more of the products. If possible you can get in touch with the refugee camp administration and discuss the matter with them.


6.2  Contraception

If necessary, inform your patients about contraceptive methods and especially stress that contraception as well as abortion is legal in Austria.

See Module 6 [Link to Module 6]


6.3 Gender specific health and psychosocial support

List of women’s counselling centres in Austria:

Women’s shelters in Austria:

Network of Austrian women’s health centers (with addresses and links to centers in Vienna, Graz, Salzburg, Wels, Villach, and Linz):

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Men’s health centre in Vienna:

Women’s health centre in Vienna:

Folder on migrant women and health with addresses and links: