Module 8 – 1 Introduction

1 Introduction

The Ottawa Charta from 1986 and the WHO Framework “HEALTH21: the health for all policy framework for the WHO European Region” [] both aim at establishing equity in health care.  A major goal is to guarantee that people independent from their social and economic background, their ethnicity or gender have equal and equitable access to available health resources.

One important factor in the establishment of health equity is health promotion. The refugees come from countries with a different health system and especially in the recent years due to war or other disasters with poor health care. Initially, the refugees lack information about the health care system in Austria and are therefore not equally able to access to the care they need. As family physician/primary health care provider/ X, you are one of the first and therefore, one of the most important points of contact for the refugees in matters of health care and prevention. Especially the new population needs your guidance to find their way in these matters. Culture sensitive health education can support the empowerment of the new refugee population and ensure that they have equitable access to health care in Austria.

This module is particularly relevant in the following domains of contact of refugees with the primary health care system of a related country: first contact with the primary health care team at the health care unit, as well as health education and promotion in the long time perspective (see table 1).

Module 8 is intended to give you an overview on the most relevant health concerns that already have been discussed in the other modules from a public health perspective, and at the same time the module is providing you with relevant contacts and information material.