Module 6 – 9 Abortion

9 Abortion

9.1 Red flags

  • Please explain precisely that it is legal in Austria to terminate pregnancy (time-phase solution for the termination of pregnancy)!
  • In other cultures/religions it is not allowed to terminate pregnancy in its different phases, except for Schariah legal reasons and within narrow limits – the Quran explicitly prohibits killing infants, irrespectively of whether they are already born or not:

„Kill not your children on a plea of want; We provide sustenance for you and for them. Truly, to kill them is a big mistake.“ (17:31)

  • The majority of Muslim scholars allows termination of pregnancy only in cases, where the life of the mother is endangered. In this context, a time span of before 40 days and after 40 days is mentioned, because after 40 days life is „breathed into“ soul.
  • Please explain also precisely, what can be diagnosed by organ screening (diseases, disabilities, which are not treatable) and that there are legal frameworks in Austria for termination of pregnancy after the time-phase (12 weeks from the date of fertilisation)!

Here you find a list with institutions offering information about abortion as well as a list with public hospitals and private clinics carrying out abortion: []