Module 3 – A short overview: Special questions in connection with asylum seekers/foreign citizens

9.1 Is it allowed to remove organs from foreign citizens who died in Austria?

Yes, in Austria everyone who did not explicitly disagree to organ donation during their lifetime is considered an organ donor. If organs are needed they can be removed automatically from decedents who did not disagree to donor them. This rule follows the principle or territoriality and hence applies to all persons passing away in Austrian state territory.

9.2 On which basis is it possible for foreign citizens to make use of the Austrian healthcare provision?

Due to the EU-patient-mobility-directive patients can now use their rights concerning the cross border healthcare access and cost refund. On that basis it is possible for citizens of the European Union and the EEA (Island, Liechtenstein, Norway) to make use of medical healthcare and cost refund on the condition that those persons have a health insurance in their home country.