Module 1 – 4 Overview of the course structure

Course structure, pre- and post- tests

The structure of the online course will be as follows:

The whole course consists of eight modules. For each module one hours of study time is recommended. The whole course should be completed within four weeks meaning that you will need about two hours for the course per week. Each module consists of a pre-test, the module content, and a post-test. You have to complete all eight modules to finish the course and receive the certificate.

  1. Pre-test: Please, complete the pre-test, which includes also questions regarding your demographic variables. The pre-test can only be completed once at the beginning of the module.
  2. Module: After the pre-test you will need approximately one hour study time to complete the module. You can organize the study time as you wish. In addition, it is possible to jump back and forth between modules and chapters.
  3. Post-test: When you have worked through the module you should complete the post-test. The post-test is like the pre-test a multiple-choice test. It is possible to repeat the post-test three-times. To finish this course successfully you need to have at least 75% of all answers correct. When you completed the last modules´ post-test successfully the system will send you the certificate to the email address you indicated upon registration to this course. Please print out the certificate. You will be asked for it when you register for the DFP-diploma programme of the Austrian Chamber of Physicians!