Module 1 – 3 Learning objectives of the course

Learning objectives of the course

After completing this learning course, you should have:

  • Knowledge about the initial health assessment as well as flight specific health needs, red flags, infectious diseases and vaccination (Module 2)
  • Knowledge about your legal situation, the legal situation of the asylum seeker regarding primary health care as well as knowledge about the video-interpreter project (Module 3)
  • Overview about skills and tools for patient-provider interaction in this specific setting: communication aspects, idioms of distress, cultural aspects of diseases, death and dying (Module 4)
  • Knowledge about mental health aspects in refugee care including psychological issues for the refugee as well as skills for dealing with traumatized individuals and for avoiding burn-out yourself (Module 5)
  • Knowledge about special concerns regarding refugees and children’s health, and sexual as well as reproductive health (Module 6 and 7)
  • Overview about strategies to support patients with chronic diseases and to support the health literacy of your patients that are asylum seekers (Module 8)